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About Us.

Welcome to Suz Cakes where we give you creative and the most sumptuous cakes for all your special occasions. We deliver on time at your doorstep. Suz Cakes specializes in hand crafted custom made designs, which turn cake decorating into edible art. Our designs are breathtaking in their craftsmanship, creating truly exquisite cakes, with mouthwatering flavors and tantalizing textures without compromise

Our Style

Serving the best Cakes and Cupcakes since 2016. We combine nature’s finest heartfelt recipes and bring the icing on the cake to life.  

When is comes to quality, we employ a constant search for excellence, for anything that requires a deeper understanding, studies, stories, work, and dedication. As this is still a family business we have tried to keep all the ingredients seasonal, well sourced and of the highest quality. Everything is hand iced and baked in small batches to really give the essence of simple old fashioned cooking.

Our Speciality

What we know, we do it to perfection


Our Promise

At the forefront of our product offerings are freshness and our commitment to customer service. While we keep our every-day designs simple in order to ensure you get the best value for money, we specialize in custom orders, for all ages, and all stages of life. Whether it’s a birthday, a corporate event, a milestone, or just a Tuesday afternoon, we want to help you celebrate! You can specify a flavor, decoration, size, and message for your cake. Let our experience and artistic expertise make your special occasion one to be cherished.

Our Mission

Working individually with each customer and through experimenting with only the best natural ingredients, we have developed a unique and irresistible range of cake varieties for you to choose from as we create a custom-made cake that is personalized and unique.


Suzcakes Masterclass

Time with Suz

About the masterclass

Suzcakes Academy is a 1 on 1 masterclass with Suzan on a baking class of your choice. Classes are individual based but group classes are highly welcome. Come and master the art of baking!


Be a Part of the Masterclass

Go ahead and leave us a message about your interest in Suz's Masterclass.

I came for this Masterclass to learn a new skill, it sure did pay off.
I thought baking was one big nightmare. But today look at me, I bake anytime!
I can't get enough of Suz cakes, her cakes and masterclass are just amazing!!

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